Collection: Halifax, Nova Scotia - Fabric & Paper Research Poster Express Order

Halifax, Nova Scotia Research Poster Express Order makes it easy to order Fabric Poster (Graphics Edition) & Paper Research Poster for Pickup near Halifax Convention Centre (3 minutes walk on the same street).

This module is designed for express order with most popular research poster sizes.  

Airline Regulations Changed: It's now cheaper to FLY OUT with Fabric Poster than Paper Poster: 
(Paper will now cost about $60 poster + $40 Extra Baggage Fee = $100,
Fabric Poster will Cost only $80 and NO Baggage Fee = $20 savings)

For Rush Order or Special Needs, please Fill out 'NEED HELP' form

ps. We may provide Fabric Poster (Graphics Edition) as Free Upgrade to handle Supply Chain / Rush Issues.

* Price may vary due to shipping + logistics handling

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