Collection: Ontario / Toronto University Fabric Conference Poster

Cheapest Fabric Conference Poster in Toronto and Ontario (36x48 from $70) and 
Save the Outrageous $50 Airline Baggage Fee. 

University Fabric Poster designed for Researchers to
FLYING OUT OF TOWN to attend Poster Conference.  The Main Features are: 
Receive the Poster before FLYING OUT to 
Skip the $50 Airline Baggage Fee 
Keep it in Carry-On, avoid Lost luggage & Line ups . . .

Total Cost of Fabric Conference  Poster (36x48), Pickup in Toronto Downtown 
is $70 + HST (so why pay the $50 Baggage Fee) ?

Available in 2-4 Days (Toronto 2 days, Ontario 3-4, 1 day Rush available).

* Most Printers near University charges $130 or more for the same Fabric Size

available from 2-3 days Reg, & 1 Day Rush
        (traditional Paper Conference Poster also available)

Promo applies to most of the elite University in Toronto, Ottawa, and Ontario

    F.A.Q. - University Poster (Ontario)

    When is your Fabric / Paper Poster Ready

    Econo is 4-8 days Arriveing Ontario area and 1-3 days RUSH,
    We have multiple production centers to fill different types of orders, so schedule may vary.

    Why is your Fabric Poster so Cheap and Fast

    It's like our theme, FLYING DOES NOT HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE - so is our Fabric Poster. (our large Fabric Poster Production & Shipping network allow us to Trim the cost substantially)

    You offer Event, Express & University Posters - what's the difference?

    The Poster Products are the same, but the ordering form and production schedule are different. eg. for an event, we use 1 order form and produce 100 posters in 1 batch, where as University Poster, they are 1-on-1 with different shipping and scheduling.

    Ship to Where ?

    4 options A.) Pickup in Toronto downtown, B.) Ottawa Downtown
    C.) your office / home address in Ontario, and D.) Ship to Hotels. - Make sure you have someone attended (or send to your family / office who can SIGN FOR THE PACKAGE)

    How are they shipped

    in custom boxes - that allows you to put into Carry-On also

    Shipping Charges

    shipping charges and HST Taxes included in the price for simpiicity. When they are not, we spell it out.

    How good is the quality

    Our Fabric Conference Poster (Graphics Edition) OUTPRINTS Paper Poster - large SOLID INK, Vibrant Color & gradiants, sharp text and Graphs . . . Check our youtube clips for yourselfs. (Yes, many shops don't handle these heavy duty characters well, we know; that's why we call our Fabric: Graphics Edition)


    Invoice is supplied for your Reimbursement use. Make sure you provide proper details for split billings, etc.

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