Collection: Conference Poster (Fabric - Paper) for Presentation Events in Halifax Nova Scotia

We offer both Fabric & Paper Conference Research Poster Service for Conference Event held in Halifax Convention Centre and for Locals Going out of town to attend Poster Conference in other Cities.  (our cheapest 36x48 poster starting from $80)

Airline Regulations Changed: It's now cheaper to FLY OUT with Fabric Poster than Paper Poster: 
(Paper now cost at least $60 poster + $40 Extra Baggage Fee = $100,
Fabric Poster Cost ONLY $80 and NO BAGGAGE FEE = $20 savings)

Early Bird Pricing: Special Pricing for our Fabric Poster (Graphics Edition) at very Special Price.  (Eg. order your 36x48 in. Fabric Poster for $57 USD or $80 Cad. That's 30-80% cheaper than most online Fabric Poster Suppliers. (Heavy Ink Coverage  / Rush / Special Delivery Charge are additional)

2 Shipping Options are available:
a. Pickup your Research Poster 1 block from Halifax Convention Centre
b. Ship to your Office in US & CANADA- Early Bird Only
- so you can check your Poster done before you Fly with the Poster to your Event (to avoid any issues / travel headaches) 

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