Collection: Quebec / Montreal University Fabric Conference Poster

50% OFF Fabric Conference Poster and 
Save the Outrageous $50 Airline Baggage Fee. 

University Fabric Poster designed for Researchers to
FLYING OUT OF TOWN to attend Poster Conference.  The Main Features are: 
Receive the Poster before FLYING OUT to 
Skip the $50 Airline Baggage Fee 
Keep it in Carry-On, avoid Lost luggage & Line ups . . .
Cheaper than Paper Poster:
eg. Paper Poster + Lugg. Fee = $55 + $50 = $105 
      Fabric in Carry On = $70 + $0 = $70 
* Most Printers near University charges $130 or more for the same Fabric Size
available from 1 day RUSH, to 4-5 Standard, 6-8 days Econo (arrived)
        (traditional Paper Conference Poster also available)

Promo applies to most of the elite University in Montreal, Quebec and Quebec Province

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