• The Symposium changed the way we produce our poster, and leaded us to become the Top Cheapest and Fastest Fabric Research Poster Supplier in Canada & US (about 50% cheaper).


    It was right after Covid, and we were hosting the 39th International Symposium of Combustion Research Poster Presentation in Fall 2022.
    It was also a time when Most of the other Canada Convention Centre Re-Opened and Events needed Secondary Fabric Posters Support to backup the 'Not So Easy to Travel Paper Posters Supplies'. (and not many Supplier was able to Step Up to handle the task.

    The Events also helped us redefined our Post-Covid 247 Convention / Fabric Poster Productions Operation... Major upgrade to Fabric / Textile Printing Machines (maybe the biggest Fleet in Canada), New Production Facility near AirPort & 5 International Shippers, 247 Production, 1 day Air Ship Poster to Canada, Super Discount to US Orders,
    all in place to help Presenters from all over the world do easier Travelling.

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Highlights - 300+ Research Poster Presentations in a Week Long Event

350+ Research Posters for a week long event (5,000+ sq. ft. of posters / 200 man-hour of printing / customer service to 200+ clients) 
- custom tailored website & online ordering to process 'Convention Specific' material + logistics (geared for international convention guests in different time-zone)

(FYI, before Covid, we only participated in Poster Presentation Production for 50-100 Posters per event, but not the entire Event. Events of this magnitude in other big cities normally need 2-3 local printers to handle this giant volume)

Airline Traveling Restriction and Lost Poster Luggage

We won't critize the Airlines, their logistic headaches are 500 times more complex than ours. Thanks to our 247 Ordering System, we were able to resolve the problems for our Presenters / Exhibitors, by a quick turnaround of replacement poster in about 2 hours.

We took on some heavy lifting, from Presenters placing their orders right before they board the plane (travelling restrictions - luggage / tubes), to lost luggage (upon arrival), to last minute revisions (typos) . . .

Is Vancouver Ready for Big Convention Events ?

YES IT IS. This was one of the first major event when Vancouver Re-Open from Covid. The Hotels, Restaurant, Vancouver Convention centre and YVR Airport Reopens as we were resolving Supply Chain Issues. The Event Planner Team flies in to put everything in Order, It was a Big Event (in our opinion) and Vancouver is Ready.

Thank you for a Successful Event

We want to thank the Symposium the opportunity to supply printing to a very successful conference, and we are prepared to work with future Conference. We also want to thank the EVENT PLANING TEAM - to help distribute the 300 posters inside the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Poster Conference Event at Vancouver Convention Centre

Contact us - PrintingInVancouver@gmail.com