Excellent Printing Quality - Vibrant Color / Heavy Solid

Excellent Printing Quality - Vibrant Color / Heavy Solid

Fabric Posters have Excellent Printing Quality than some of the Paper Poster.  (explained below)

"If you have a Colorful Designed Poster, Make Sure You Order our Fabric Poster - the color is more ViVid than the Paper Version"

Fabric Poster Material is made of woven fabrics, where the Ink penetrate into the fabric fibre; in Paper Poster, the Ink just Sit on top of the Paper (coated), or smear into uncoated paper (ink absorption for drying, just can't create the same level of Vivid Colors.  (We still produce tons of Paper Poster, but we still recommend Fabric for the RICH COLOR Projects)

The Samples are shown from PHOTOS of our Fabric Posters 
(the grey shade of the cloth is 'lighting' only)
- Super Vibrant Ink Color 
- Solid Heavy Ink Retention
- Very Black Ink for Text
- Great Charts and Photos
- Very Fine Prints (Down to 4 Points Text)

Fabric Required SPECIALLY Equipped Print Machine (industrial grade) to print Vibrant Color and Cost Effective (much like you need 4-wheel drive + Good Snow Tire to drive in SNOW).  This is why we can sell our Fabric at Much Lower Price than the other printers who use Paper Machine to Print Fabric.

use Contact Form below or Send your data file to FabricPosterOnline@gmail.com

you can send your data file and inquiry to this email address.
For GIANT FILES (>20 mb), please use 'wetransfer.com' or google link
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at the same time)

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Contact us or email: FabricPosterOnline@gmail.com


SuperRUSH Delivery in 1 Day (Order by 9am today, Fabric Poster Delivery Tomorrow US / Canada)

SuperRUSH Service available in US & Canada (1-2 Days),
plus: Pickup near 8 Major Convention Centre Cities from Alberta, Ontario to Quebec)

* We do recommended you factor in an Extra Day to deal with Airline Traffic Issues

* Maritimes and Rural US may take longer.

Last Minute SuperRUSH Available (247 for Vancouver / Victoria)

Contact us by email, contact form or phone 236-688-8880

Basic Product is ready in 2-3 days

Faster Service of Next Day / 247 Rush / Special Delivery available - Please provide detail on email FabricPosterOnline@gmail.com

CUSTOM ORDER / Trade Printing available

High Volume, Super RUSH, Special Situations, . . . PLEASE CONTACT US

Out of town Graphics Agencies and Print / Sign Shop needing someone to help fill the orders for their Clients, (too Rush, too long to ship, last minute changes . . . ) PLEASE CONTACT US for our Trade Printing Service

Invoice for Expense / Reimbursement

Invoice will be attached to your shipment (outside). For 24/7 SuperRush Project, Backup Invoice will be supplied in 3 business days by Accounting Dept.

Split Invoice / Instructions

Please provide details so we can organize it ahead

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SMS at 236-688-8880

Multiple ways to Send Data File

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(3.) GIANT FILE send to FabricPosterOnline@gmail.com

File Type / Specs - PDF Jpeg Jpg Png

PDF - try to setup as actual size in 'High Resolution'

Illustrator / AI - please save as PDF (High-Res)

Jpg / Tif / Png - set up in 300 dpi, both RGB / CYMK is OK

PowerPoint - Save as PDF, due to MS restriction, you may want to save your GIANT DIMENSION in a 50% scale - we will enlarge it back to ACTUAL SIZE (and email us for your scale details)

"Slightly Smaller Size" - Trim Down

Poster & Pictures may have a slightly smaller size requirement.

Price is the same, but let us know the 'trimmed down' size

Rush, Heavy Ink (> 50%) + Delivery Charge may applied, Graphics Service also available)

Downtown Hotel near Vancouver Convention Centre Delivery Available

In Vancouver Pickup is available at the Vancouver Convention Centre,
Contact us email / 236-688-8880

Shipping / Pickup

Poster & Sign Product can be pickup at 4 locations (daytime) in Metro Vancouver

After-Hour VIP Downtown Hotel Delivery * + YVR Pickup Support (* delivery charge may applied)

Out-of-Town Shipment - via Ground or Air Parcel as requested