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Lowest US Special Research Poster Pricing

Lowest US Special Research Poster Pricing

We use similar process that Giant Car Makers used to Import cars into US for Lower Pricing (USMCA + other International Trade Treaty)

The results: our Fabric / Paper Poster is About 50% OFF the U.S. Pricing + Free Shipping (Fabric Poster has more benefits)

The rule is Simple (in Summary): The Research Poster must be Shipped Directly to a US Destination Address

There's FAQ below to explain the details, eg.

Who can get these 50% Price Break ?
How our Price Reduction compared with other suppliers ( 50% off) ?  
Who is not qualified for the Price Break ?

Note: "The Poster Must be Exported / Shipped to a US Address directly from our Factory" for the eligible CANADIAN TAX BREAKS & US TAX CREDITS & EXCEMPTIONS *

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Who is Eligible for this Price - Tax Reduction ?

To be Eligible, the fabric poster needs be shipped to an US Address and a proof of Signature for Receiving.

The Primary Users receiving the full benefits are US Consumers and US Residents.
There's no restrictions where the Posters can be used
(anywhere in US, Canada and other International Events they travel to.

The Secondary Users are Canadian and International Poster Presenters attending a US Poster Conference. They pay the same price as the US Consumers (with US Direct Shipping)

The Receiving is very important as it gives you a chance to Check and Confirm that everything is GOOD before you fly anywhere.

Is there any Limitation ?

No, you can buy 1 or many,

We also provide our Fabric Poster Service to Events, Special Interest Group, Trade Printing and Back-up Printer for Rush Jobs, and as Secondary Printer for Poster Conference Events.

Volume Discount may be available to certain Special Interest Group - Contact Us with your Details.

Other HUGE BENEFITS to US Presenters

'Travel Friendly' and 'Avoid Lost Luggage' are only some of the benefits of Fabric Poster.

The Biggest Benefits(ssss) are: You have 'Full Possession and TOTAL CONTROL of your Poster' + AVOID all the Travelling Chaos

- You can check it and make sure everything is Good before you start your Trip, and Fly with you in your Hand Carry.

- This will also give you opportunity to re-print in case of typos or revisions, etc.

- You can also avoid any Airline problem, Long line-up problem, chance of mislabeled Poster / misplaced / Handling problems at the conference

(strange things do happened when there's a large group of users) - Your Total Control helps you avoid them.

Comparison to US Market Price

We measured the pricing results against Top-5 Biggest Poster Suppliers (based on their Internet Posted Pricing), the result is more than 50% cheaper, eg.

our Price for a 48x72 inch Fabric Research Poster is $122 USD ($175 CAD) 

and the INTERNET ORDER PRICE for the Top-5 Poster Suppliers is
(USD $202, $239, N/A (no 48" wide), $239 and $300)
- all price are before shipping (Ours is about Free when you applied the US Sales Tax Credits)

How do we get 50% OFF ?

It comes from a combination of Price Reduction Strategy lead by International Trade Treaty - USMCA (all no. are approximate)

15% Tax Credits +
35% from Currency +
10% Better Productivity +
11% No US State Sales Tax
Less: Shipping Cost
= 50%

What do you have to do to apply for this Price Reduction

When you place your order, Confirm your USAGE (the first question) for your eligibility.

That's it. We take care of the rest.

The rules applied to Free Trade, Import tariff Duty Free, and US Nexus exemptions are very complex (with 60+ IRS / Tax Agencies).  Simply Put, You don't have to pay these taxes, we look after the paperwork & details.

* If for any reason you are not eligible for some of the incentives, you will be notify to make-up the payments (in a speedy manner). If you don't agree, we can cancel your job and refund you the order (less commission charges)

1-2 days Rush & 3-5 Days Econo Shipping Available

Currency Converter (to your currency)

To see your Poster Price in your own currency, go to bottom of page to set the currency to your country

Example of Non-Eligible Purchase

The rule requires the Poster be purchased and exported to US Directly.

Eg. If you order and SHIP the poster to Toronto (you), and you BRING it to USA - this will NOT QUALIFY for the DIRECT EXPORT portion of the conditions.

However, You have 'Full Possession and Control of your Poster - You can check it and make sure everything is Good before you start your Trip, and Fly with you in your Hand Carry.

This will also give you opportunity to re-print in case of typos, etc.

You can also avoid any Airline problem, Long line-up problem, chance of mis-labeled Poster / Handling problem at the convention (things happened when there's a large group of users)

All Posters Shipped to Canada have to Pay Canada Taxes

Unless you are qualified for other exemptions, eg. First Nation, certain Government Agency, etc.

It's your responsibility to do your DECLARATION before you place your Order

About our Price Reduction

While we are demonstrating our LOW PRICE, we are not implying the 5 Poster Suppliers Overcharge You.   The USMCA is setup to provide trade benefits for both US and Canada consumers. We are just showing our US Consumers the opportunities.

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