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WiPP research poster (LARGE 4 ft W x 6 ft T)

WiPP research poster (LARGE 4 ft W x 6 ft T)

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This is for Large WiPP Exhibition Poster size 4 ft. wide x 6 feet tall.  

Select your ordering Perference.   Beyond the cut-off time, we will provide RUSH POSTER PRINTING SERVICE up to 24/7 on event date.  (Rush Processing Charge bundled with Delivery applies to 2P### due to cut-off scheduling)  

WiPP Poster will now be pickup INSIDE the Vancouver Convention Centre (2p & 3p)
or Hotel Delivery (1p###) (there will be Pickup email notification for pickup instructions before your presentation date)


Send your data file to

you can send your data file and inquiry to this email address.
For GIANT FILES (>20 mb), please use '' or google link
(but DO NOT LOCK PASSWORD, unless you give us the password
at the same time)

Email Address / Phone No. / Tracking

Make Sure you provide us your name, email address and phone no. (SMS) and poster board #. We will be communicating with these 4 items about pickup instruction / job details. (they are also your ID for your pickup)


Due to the high number of Exhibitiors, please use written communication instead of phone, and always include your email addr. and phone no. so we can match things up while protecting your privacy. [Tracing cannot be done while talking on the phone]

Here's our support line details
email: (prefered)
phone 778-706-7337

WiPP Poster Pickup

Poster are now available for Pickup on your Presentation Date from INSIDE THE VANCOUVER CONVENTION CENTRE.
There will be an email sent to your email address providing the Pickup Instruction before your Presentation Date.


Many Exhibitors will be claiming the Poster Expense - Send us a Message and we can rush you the Invoice so you can do your Expense Claim.

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