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    Our Paper & Fabric Research Posters are the Cheapest in US (50% Price + Tax Reduction) / Canada (25-40%) / International (various %)

    The Fabric Poster is priced similar to Paper Posters - but MUCH EASIER TO TRAVEL, with our 'Ship Friendly' 1 Day RUSH & 3-5 Days Econo Shipping

    (Canadian & International Guests buying for US use also get certain Incentives)

    our US Pricing is Very Competitive - Especially on the Larger Size. EG. 4 x 6 ft. Poster
    (all in USD$)
    Ours Fabric $130 Paper $95
    compared with US Internet average :
    Fabric Price $240 Paper $149 (US Internet)


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  • HUGE BENEFITS with our 'Ship Friendly, Travel Friendly' Fabric Poster - our Cheapest / Premium Version of Conference Research Paper Poster (50% off US)


    'SHIP FRIENDLY' - get 50% Discount & Tax Breaks to US Residents - when we ship our Paper & Fabric Posters out from Canada (with United States / Canada Free Trade Agreement USMCA)


    GET TOTAL CONTROL of your Poster - Receive it at your US Address, Check your work (for revisions), & Fly with your Fabric Poster to anywhere in the World + US + Canada

    - eliminating most HUMAN ERRORS in Large Group Travelling - Human Errors, Airport Headaches, Delays ...


    Want to Stay with the Traditional PAPER RESEARCH POSTER ? We print and Ship them Econo everyday to US

    Our Great List of Fabric Poster Benefits 

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